Laptop and Tablets : Friction Hinges & Rotary Viscous Damping



Friction hinges and Rotary viscous dampers are mechanisms which are very active in the computer field. Intense engineering has to go into a design to combat dropping, rough handling, cycling and harsh environments.  Even though tablets are all around us I am sure that rough and rugged industrial CAD and CAE workstations are still on ultra high-end laptops which still need a hinge.Large LED monitors which need precise positioning need some sort of friction hinge/rotary viscous damper.  CAD users would go blind doing CAD work on a 10″ screen! I don’t see the applications for computer friction hinges dwindling away, I see them getting reinvented to be more rugged and precise. Nobody wants to break a $4,000 monitor when re-positioning it, These LED screen are getting very thin and delicate. Let Mechanical Motion Technologies design a high quality hinge to suit your specific needs. See us at 




About Mechanical Motion Tech LLC

Mechanical Motion Technologies custom designs and manufactures slim-line, lightweight friction and damping hinges. Full engineering and manufacturing support at small and large scales.
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