Rotary Viscous Dampers and the 3d printing trend

In the design process for a new device there usually is a step that is very important called the proof of concept. Without a proof of concept you usually are doomed. Can you really take the chance and spend a lot of money on prototype parts just to find out there was a tiny but significant show stopper? Our friction hinge and rotary viscous dampers are benefitting from 3d printed parts as interface components and also function engineering elements. Using these printed components helps us get from concept to functional prototype much quicker. Also as a bonus we can experiment without breaking the bank. When it comes to integrating our components into a customers product, it can be invaluable . Please contact us for your engineering and design needs. We are a fully functional manufacturing company and can handle your greatest volumes and challenges.


About Mechanical Motion Tech LLC

Mechanical Motion Technologies custom designs and manufactures slim-line, lightweight friction and damping hinges. Full engineering and manufacturing support at small and large scales.
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