Mechanical Motion Technologies LLC as an Engineering Source

M2_brush failure

Rotary viscous damper and friction hinges are versatile products that can be used in many configurations.  For someone who never integrated one into a product it can be daunting task. This is where we can help.

Utilizing our expertise can save you a lot of money & time.  It even can save you from having to hire an extra employee to oversee the design & engineering task. Ask our customers, we have provided products for which they don’t have the R&D budget.  Imagine designing a rotary viscous damper from scratch?

Do you really have the time? Especially in these fast product cycle times? Contact us at   we can evaluate your current challenge immediately to see if our product will accomplish your engineering & performance goal.

About Mechanical Motion Tech LLC

Mechanical Motion Technologies custom designs and manufactures slim-line, lightweight friction and damping hinges. Full engineering and manufacturing support at small and large scales.
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