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Furniture Designers and the rotary viscous damper

Cubicles are famous for these overhead bins, sort of similar to what you see in airplanes. In cubicles you must hold these in place so they don’t come crashing down disturbing your neighbors or whacking yourself in the head. To … Continue reading

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Friction Hinge Product Introduction

We would like to introduce an innovation in friction hinges. Pictured above is a greaseless, corrosion resistant, water resistant  friction hinge. Uses include laptop computers, furniture, heavy duty equipment, tool boxes and medical medical equipment to name a few. The … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Dampers In Bathroom Safety

The public bathroom is a great place for convenience, yet must remain safe to use for everyone. Think of all the items in the bathroom that swing open, up or down.  Baby changing stations, grab bars, stall doors, shower seats, medicine cabinets and … Continue reading

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Advantages of Friction Hinges

A new dawn of friction hinges has emerged. The reason for the major step in innovation is due to the availability of advanced engineering plastics which meet or exceed pure steel friction devices.  Also because of the emergence of rapid … Continue reading

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