Rotary Viscous Dampers and Automotive


Automotive is a great industry where rotary viscous dampers  could be used. Although their application must be carefully planned. All dampers that use viscous fluid are affected by temperature by some degree, usually at the extremes it is most noticeable.  If you were to use a rotary viscous damper in the winter in Minnesota early in the morning, clearly the damping would be dramatically increased and inversely in Mexico. So the best environments for rotary viscous dampers is between 35 deg F and 100 deg F.  There can be exceptions. For example if the damper is used in combination with a torsion spring  or a friction hinge you may be able to alleviate slamming lids in extreme hot temperatures, because the friction hinge is much less affected by temperature. contact me for your next application at or call 203-406-7900


About Mechanical Motion Tech LLC

Mechanical Motion Technologies custom designs and manufactures slim-line, lightweight friction and damping hinges. Full engineering and manufacturing support at small and large scales.
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