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Mechanical Motion Technologies custom designs and manufactures slim-line, lightweight friction and damping hinges. Full engineering and manufacturing support at small and large scales.

Getting the Edge in Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics packaging is an interesting industry which would benefit from rotary viscous dampers. Compacts for example. They have an articulating lid which opens so that the consumer can dispense the product. The lids on these devices are usually held together … Continue reading

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How Do Friction Hinges Aid Ergonomic Design?

Some critical elements of furniture for the workplace, airplane, home and school is something that gets overlooked initially when considering a new design. Furniture must be comfortable and not cause the user undue strain, pain or any discomfort. For example … Continue reading

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Miniature Friction Hinges

It’s been a while since my last update. We have been manufacturing miniature friction hinges for customers and it has been very interesting. Developing processes to insure consistent product is very rewarding. The friction hinges we manufacture reach many industries … Continue reading

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3D printing tools for production use

Any production facility involved in stage tooling knows the cost in custom designed and manufactured tools. Tools that are used in assembly processes, quality control, material handling and many other operations can be very expensive to make. If the tools … Continue reading

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Rotary viscous dampers and production lines

Among the unusual applications I have seen over the years, one in particular sticks in my mind because it is extremely practical in keeping production line productivity high.  A client had a production line that was used in a critical … Continue reading

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3D printing in Engineering

I have been doing a lot of new products and 3D printing has played a large role in moving things along.¬† The big change that has occurred was the huge advance in filament technologies.¬† More resilient and robust filaments have … Continue reading

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3d Printing and Manufacturing Sometimes tooling for manufacturing is needed and a 3d printed part holder fits the bill. It saves time and money. In the video I am printing a tool piece for holding our product while assembly operations are performed. We … Continue reading

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Food Processing Application

I have had a few conversations with customers regarding the application of slow close hinges in the food processing industry. It seems that to improve safety and processing abilities on the production floor a slow close hinge would be a … Continue reading

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Dampers for Aerospace

We find that aerospace applications are the largest users of rotary viscous dampers and friction hinges. Overall our core focus is creating the most damping per unit volume that is possible. Precision damping in a slimline package is our expertise … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Dampers and Cymbals

I sometimes get inspired in different situations¬† for applications for my rotary viscous dampers. I was thinking of a rock concert where I was watching the drummer intently and noticed his technique for hitting and damping the sound of the … Continue reading

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