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How Do Friction Hinges Aid Ergonomic Design?

Some critical elements of furniture for the workplace, airplane, home and school is something that gets overlooked initially when considering a new design. Furniture must be comfortable and not cause the user undue strain, pain or any discomfort. For example … Continue reading

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Food Processing Application

I have had a few conversations with customers regarding the application of slow close hinges in the food processing industry. It seems that to improve safety and processing abilities on the production floor a slow close hinge would be a … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Damper with options

Pictured above is a rotary viscous damper with 2 added options which greatly add to the functionality. The two options are a one way clutch and a torsion spring. The motion is as follows rotating the grey member CCW is easy … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Damper Used as A Braking Mechanism

Some mechanical systems whether they produce rotary motion or linear motion usually need to cease moving for one reason or another. Most pneumatic systems cycle and have a soft material stop to avoid banging and the vibration produced. In cases where free fall from the … Continue reading

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Safety Applications for Friction Hinges

A major concern for years has been consumer product safety and safety in public areas. Any moving member of a consumer product is a potential application for a friction hinge or rotary viscous damper. These two products can prevent pinch … Continue reading

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Friction Hinge and Rotary Viscous Hinge Options

Individually, friction hinges and rotary viscous dampers perform a basic function that each was designed to do efficiently. But each of these units can be combined with options into a system which can turn the product into a real value … Continue reading

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