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Custom Friction Hinges

We are having great success with our new line of lightweight friction hinges. Using engineering polymers and FEA analysis we have created a new generation of customizable friction hinges and rotary viscous dampers. Many applications have crossed our path such as … Continue reading

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Product Integration and Rotary Viscous Dampers

In general one of the most difficult steps in designing a system or product is integrating components together especially for small footprint products like laptop computers or low profile items where unobtrusiveness is required. Nobody wants a portable product with … Continue reading

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Friction Hinge Product Introduction

We would like to introduce an innovation in friction hinges. Pictured above is a greaseless, corrosion resistant, water resistant  friction hinge. Uses include laptop computers, furniture, heavy duty equipment, tool boxes and medical medical equipment to name a few. The … Continue reading

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Damping hinges and Aerospace Industry

We currently provide damping hinges, specifically rotary viscous dampers for in cabin use in the Aerospace industry. The reason we are successful in this area is that our proprietary design is highly resistant to vibrations. This means no noise during … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Damper: flexible and extreme longevity

One feature of our rotary viscous damper is the positional flexibility of the product. Everyone’s application is different and we have designed in the ability to position the damper in any orientation that is needed. This ability helps OEM manufacturers … Continue reading

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Medical Applications for Friction Hinges and Rotary Viscous Dampers

In medical and clean room environments free floating particles are a concern because of possible contamination of products and people. One of the benefits of our rotary viscous dampers and friction hinges is the lack of particulation. We have no metal … Continue reading

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Greaseless Friction Hinge with HIgh Torque capabilities

We have been working on greaseless friction hinges that have a large range of torques. The unit shown in the picture is an early stage proof of concept for a 60 in-lb friction hinge with a life cycle of 40,000. … Continue reading

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