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Rotary Viscous Damper Options

Since a rotary viscous damper works to smooth out movements of panels, arms, monitor screens, safety doors & similar components, sometimes special movement is required which needs a force applied which can be controlled.  A spring is one of the … Continue reading

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Friction Hinge Product Introduction

We would like to introduce an innovation in friction hinges. Pictured above is a greaseless, corrosion resistant, water resistant  friction hinge. Uses include laptop computers, furniture, heavy duty equipment, tool boxes and medical medical equipment to name a few. The … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Dampers, Safety and Vibrations

In the engineering design field we come across situations where we wouldn’t think vibrations could cause a major problem.  One case being tilt switches. Usually a pendulum type actuator is used in a safety circuit to release a held down cutoff … Continue reading

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Damping hinges and Aerospace Industry

We currently provide damping hinges, specifically rotary viscous dampers for in cabin use in the Aerospace industry. The reason we are successful in this area is that our proprietary design is highly resistant to vibrations. This means no noise during … Continue reading

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Friction hinge or rotary viscous damper in machine safety

I was working on a heavy duty piece of rotary equipment recently and realized it could benefit from a friction hinge or a rotary viscous damper. The safety guards for this machine are 1″ thick aluminum and swing like a … Continue reading

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Friction Hinge Used in A Novel Configuration

I was thinking about ways that friction hinges could be used in a way other than rotary. Because a friction hinge is 2 concentric elements we could use the configuration with a force, in either direction, axially.  No changes would … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Dampers in Production Machinery

Some applications for a rotary viscous damper are in the automotive factory field.  There are many conveyor belts in use in the mass production of automobiles.  Some specific applications are production lines building fuel pumps to body painting lines.  These  lines need to … Continue reading

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