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Getting the Edge in Cosmetics Packaging

Cosmetics packaging is an interesting industry which would benefit from rotary viscous dampers. Compacts for example. They have an articulating lid which opens so that the consumer can dispense the product. The lids on these devices are usually held together … Continue reading

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Product Integration and Rotary Viscous Dampers

In general one of the most difficult steps in designing a system or product is integrating components together especially for small footprint products like laptop computers or low profile items where unobtrusiveness is required. Nobody wants a portable product with … Continue reading

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Advantages of Friction Hinges

A new dawn of friction hinges has emerged. The reason for the major step in innovation is due to the availability of advanced engineering plastics which meet or exceed pure steel friction devices. ¬†Also because of the emergence of rapid … Continue reading

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Friction Hinges, Rotary Viscous Dampers & the One-Way Clutch

I recently was approached for a special application which required damping and/or friction in one rotary direction and close to zero resistance in the opposite direction. It made me realize that I should start highlighting the options available for the … Continue reading

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New friction Hinge Product Release

I would like to announce a new product that should create a major shift in high torque friction hinges. The friction hinge will range from nominal 20 to 60 in-lbs balanced or unbalanced torque. Corrosion resistance and waterproof capabilities are … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Damper as an Energy Saving Device

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