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Rotary Viscous Dampers Made in The USA

Made in the USA. We have all heard it and here at Mechanical Motion Technologies LLC we live it.  Having our production parts and prototypes molded, machined and assembled in the US gives us many advantages, quick access to vendors … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Dampers & Bathroom Accessories

A great application for rotary viscous dampers is a swing down grab bar used in handicap bathrooms.  These bars are for accessibility to the toilet area for disabled and bariatric patients. If there is no friction hinge the bar may … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Damper: flexible and extreme longevity

One feature of our rotary viscous damper is the positional flexibility of the product. Everyone’s application is different and we have designed in the ability to position the damper in any orientation that is needed. This ability helps OEM manufacturers … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Damper Used as A Braking Mechanism

Some mechanical systems whether they produce rotary motion or linear motion usually need to cease moving for one reason or another. Most pneumatic systems cycle and have a soft material stop to avoid banging and the vibration produced. In cases where free fall from the … Continue reading

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Greaseless Friction Hinge with HIgh Torque capabilities

We have been working on greaseless friction hinges that have a large range of torques. The unit shown in the picture is an early stage proof of concept for a 60 in-lb friction hinge with a life cycle of 40,000. … Continue reading

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