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Rotary Viscous Dampers Made in The USA

Made in the USA. We have all heard it and here at Mechanical Motion Technologies LLC we live it.  Having our production parts and prototypes molded, machined and assembled in the US gives us many advantages, quick access to vendors … Continue reading

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Custom Friction Hinges

We are having great success with our new line of lightweight friction hinges. Using engineering polymers and FEA analysis we have created a new generation of customizable friction hinges and rotary viscous dampers. Many applications have crossed our path such as … Continue reading

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Case Studies in Choosing a Mechanical Motion Technologies LLC Friction Hinge

In the image shown above we see an application for a precision friction hinge.  The product shown above is a back rest for use in a critical care facility. It supports a weak back when using the commode. The green … Continue reading

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