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Rotary viscous dampers and their proper application

When looking over the requirements of a new project designers must balance the price of the product and features that are implemented.  Rigorous requirements sometimes yield higher cost materials. Environmental concerns will also guide the feasibility of using a viscous … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Damper with options

Pictured above is a rotary viscous damper with 2 added options which greatly add to¬†the functionality. The two options are a one way clutch and a torsion spring. The motion is as follows rotating the grey member CCW is easy … Continue reading

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3D Printed Rotary Viscous Dampers 

   If you have noticed I used the same image in this post as in the last post.  I have used it because it is the same shape as used in my recently invented rotary viscous damper. Since it is … Continue reading

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