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How Do Friction Hinges Aid Ergonomic Design?

Some critical elements of furniture for the workplace, airplane, home and school is something that gets overlooked initially when considering a new design. Furniture must be comfortable and not cause the user undue strain, pain or any discomfort. For example … Continue reading

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Rotary Viscous Dampers In Bathroom Safety

The public bathroom is a great place for convenience, yet must remain safe to use for everyone. Think of all the items in the bathroom that swing open, up or down.  Baby changing stations, grab bars, stall doors, shower seats, medicine cabinets and … Continue reading

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Safety Applications for Friction Hinges

A major concern for years has been consumer product safety and safety in public areas. Any moving member of a consumer product is a potential application for a friction hinge or rotary viscous damper. These two products can prevent pinch … Continue reading

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